Opening the door to smart contracts and the ability to bring in more validators is just the tip of the iceberg, says the ETN-Network CEO and Founder

Neto Robatto is a very talented artist from Brazil. He is currently the most sought-after NFT artist on, but life has not always been easy for him. That, however, comes as no surprise, considering that artists have always faced many challenges

The ETN-Network Team reminds readers of their June NFT giveaway and reports on progress and registered user growth

While the Covid-19 crisis has reversed the recent global poverty reduction, according to the UN and other experts, it has also sped up financial inclusion via mobile financial services apps provided by crypto, blockchain, and FinTech startups.

The ETN-Network will shortly launch several major integrations that Nigel Pooley, Business Development Lead, has been progressing.

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott updates the community regarding NFTs, giveaways, and more.

More AnyTask™ Platform stats

Olivier Acuña

I’ve been a journalist for 35 years. Been in crypto since May 2018.

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